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Check in to see what we've been up to at 3100 Cellars as we work to bring delicious sparkling Idaho wines to your table. Whether it's a picture, or an article that is about 3100, or maybe just about the Idaho wine industry in general, this is the page to come to when you're needing an update on what's going on in our cellar.

Idaho's only all Sparkling Winery

3100 Cellars has struggled to beat it's own drum over the years. A part of this has to do with starting Idaho's first all sparkling winery in an unproven landscape while the majority of it is that we take our wines serious not ourselves. Perfecting the craft of traditional method sparkling wines is similar to fly fishing in that it can take a life time to figure out what your doing and by the time your feeling comfortable your time has expired. Gerry Tsuruda wrote a nice piece on 3100 Cellars for the Idaho Press you can navigate to "read more" for the full story or this hyperlink:

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Reframing The Importance of Now

Every couple of weeks Hailey and I receive a cut out of some article typically from the Wall Street Journal and typically from Hailey's father Lee. The articles vary from what it is to be a parent, the drone industry, leadership, sports and most importantly wine. This particular piece written by Alexandra Kleeman struck home in a number of ways for me. From the way Sparkling wine and Champagne in particular have been marketed in a way which subconsciously we have to justify opening a bottle for some pre-defined special occasion. The internal battle between husband and wife in which the reckless husband can always find an excuse to open a bottle whereas the wife is insistent that this occasion should be scheduled out and planned for. The article climaxes to a story about the authors parents bringing over a 30 year old bottle of wine for her 30th'll have to click on the hyperlink link above so I don't ruin the story. From it though we can never forget the importance of now and how precious every moment really is!

Pét Nat? Say What?

Pét nat, short for Pétillant Naturel, is a type of sparkling wine that is made by bottling your wine while it is fermenting instead of letting the wine finish fermentation before adding the bubbles.

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Boise State Public Radio - Idaho Wineries Happy To See Grape Harvest Going Well

"After a long and heavy winter wrecked much of southwest Idaho’s 2017 grape harvest, local vineyards and wineries alike are excited to see that this year’s harvest is on the upswing." We love seeing Idaho wine being mentioned in local press, and adore hearing about it on the radio! Check out this quick story from Boise State Public Radio about our 2018 harvest.

For the full article and to listen to this story, click here.

The Cork Report - Not Just Potatoes: Finding Diversity and Deliciousness in Idaho Wine Country

We had a lovely visit from Lenn Thompson at the beginning of the harvest season this year. He was visiting from the East Coast and we had a great time getting to know him. We really hope we get a chance to get on the river with him during his next visit to Idaho, we're glad to hear he liked it so much he'll be back!

To read his full article about his visit and the Idaho wines he loved, click here.

North Forker - Idaho is about more than just potatoes: Uncork the Forks

We had a lovely visit from Lenn Thompson at the beginning of the harvest season this year. He was visiting from the East Coast and we had a great time getting to know him. We really hope we get a chance to get on the river with him during his next visit to Idaho, we're glad to hear he liked it so much he'll be back!

To read his full article about his visit and the Idaho wines he loved, click here.

Eat Sip Trip - Idaho wine is the Pacific Northwest's greatest secret

"When you think of Idaho, you might think of outdoor adventures and potatoes. But, wine? Believe it or not, the young, small, yet mighty and quickly growing wine community is producing some pretty fantastic wines." Ari Bendersky writes a great little review of many of our neighbors in this article.

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Bloomberg - Eight American Sparkling Wines for a Festive Fourth of July

While our wines aren't featured in this article, Birichino's sparkling Malvasia is! We have tried this wine, and some of the others on the list, and think they are delicious! But the reason we are highlighting Birichino's Malvasia is because we hope to be making a sparkling Malvasia in years to come. If you can get your hands on some of it, please do, it's worth it!

To read the full Bloomberg article, click here.

Great Northwest Wine - Savor Idaho serves as delicious barometer for Idaho wine industry

We poured at our first Savor Idaho this summer! It was so much fun seeing so many familiar faces, and getting to meet so many new Idaho wine lovers. Next year is going to be a blast too!

Eric Degerman, from Great Northwest Wine came over to Boise to write about the event and check out all the new happenings in the Idaho industry. You can read his full story about the event here.

Boise State Public Radio - Idaho Matters - Idaho Wine Industry Leads Idaho Agriculture

The Idaho Matters team talked to the Idaho Wine Commission about the explosive growth of vineyards and wineries in the Snake River Valley.

6 On Your Side - Savor Idaho brings local wine to the spotlight

The Idaho wine industry is catching more attention from local, regional, and national outlets. Our own 6 On Your Side team featured a story about Savor Idaho, the Idaho Wine Commissions big event that showcases Idaho wines to people that attend the event. To watch the story from 6 On Your Side, click here.


Oraganoleptic is a word we heard a lot at the 2018 Sparkling Symposium. The event was hosted at the Northwest Wine Studies Center in Salem, OR, where we spent a day learning from a slew of speakers and panels about how to make better sparkling wine. As that word, oraganoleptic, kept being thrown around by speakers and panels, we were in the back googling away (thank goodness for smart phones). It's really a cool word, so let us explain it a little:

Organoleptic - involving use of the sense organs; being, affecting, or relating to qualities of a substance that stimulate the sense organs, i.e. taste, smell, color, feel.

The way the speakers were using the word, we also understand organoleptic to be a non-exact way to measure certain things, especially that pertain to an individuals experience and explanation about a sensory experience.

Try to use it in conversation this week, organoleptic!

2018 Spring Release Details

The Party Details:

What - Spring Release Party!
When - May 19th, 4-6pm
Where - where we make the wine, at Telaya Wine Co.

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2018 Idaho Winery to Watch

We were named the 2018 Idaho Winery to Watch by Great Northwest Wine and Wine Press Northwest. The article that Eric Degerman wrote encompasses so much of our lives and includes so much information that there is no way we can start to paraphrase it here. We hope you take the time to read it and learn a little more about what we are doing

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SW Idaho vineyards looking good after hot-and-cold start

According to the recent history, our growing season "started warm, got wet and cold quickly, and then settled into a mostly mild pattern."

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Idaho Press - Despite Rough Start, Treasure Valley Wine has Bright Notes Moving Forward

Nicole Foy writes a great perspective on the Idaho wine beat, especially focusing on the harsh winter of 2016-2017 that severely depleted the Idaho grape crop at harvest of 2017.

To read the full story, click here.

The Physics Behind Popping Corks

There is a lot of biology, chemistry, anthropology, history, anecdotes, and apparently physics in each bottle of wine. The physics become much more exciting with sparkling wine, because of all that pressure built up in the bottle. Helen Czerski did a great job explaining some of the basics of those physics in an article at the end of last year in the Wall Street Journal.

Sometimes learning more about the process of making wine (or anything for that matter) can be somewhat overwhelming and not add to the beauty of enjoying that wine (or whatever it might be); but Helen explains the physics behind opening a bottle of bubbles, and some of the interesting things that happen in the milliseconds after a cork is popped. Your friends might never believe you when you tell them that the temperature drops to -94F around the neck of the bottle when you first open it, but you'll know you're right and have Helen's experiments to back you up along the way. She makes learning about the physics of a bottle of bubbles a joy, so let's keep on learning about all the interesting things that happen with a bottle of bubbles.

To read the full article, please visit the link here.

Forbes - Idaho's Potatoes Making Way for Grapes

Ronald Holden recently visited Idaho and tasted some of our outstanding wines as well as got to attend the grand opening of Sawtooth Winery's new tasting room... We hope he comes back to visit again soon, and maybe even stops in to try some of our bubbles when he does!

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Come as you are

The Idaho wine industry is truly an amazing community. Right now there are over 50 wineries, and about 1300 acres of vineyard planted. That means we have the opportunity to know almost everyone in the industry, and it is a wide range of people! There are some formal education backgrounds in winemaking that have come to (or boomeranged back) to the Gem State, and some people that fell into the wine industry in Idaho... Our Idaho Wine Commission worked with some local people and took a pulse on what people love about the industry, and something they heard over, and over again was how welcoming it is regardless of prior wine knowledge. Here is a video that shows the diversity and open arms of the industry...

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Pink Idaho Bubbles for St. Valentine's Day!

We still have some cases of 2015 Runoff Rosé left! And what better wine to take home to your sweetheart, the day of, or before, or even after St. Valentine's day!

Fun fact from Hailey - did you know the supposed reason we send love notes on this Saint's day is because...

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Unified Recap

Last week Hailey went to Unified, Grape and Wine Symposium, and spent some time researching new techniques, new equipment, and connecting with friends from across the industry...

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Fall Release 2017

DATE - November 11, 2017

WINE RELEASED - 2015 Runoff Rosé

The highlight of this party - We have already outgrown our party space! We'll have to think about where to have our spring release party, because we need a little more wiggle room. We also learned that lots of you enjoyed watching Marshall saber a bottle open, so I think that will be part of our releases moving forward...

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Bottling 2017 Vintage

We bottled the 2017 vintage on December 16th (the rosé) and 17th (the Chardonnay). It is a pretty simple, but labor intensive process. Here it is broken into steps, as well as I can explain them:

  1. Rack the base wine - racking is the process where we take move wine from one tank to another and try to leave behind the layer of "stuff" in the bottom of the first tank...
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Always trying to learn - Corvallis Sparkling Wine Seminar 2017

We had the opportunity to head over to Oregon State's Fermentation Science Department in December and take a Sparkling Wine Sensory Seminar. It was fantastic! On Saturday we spent the day in a classroom on campus, learning about the different processes of making sparkling wine as well as the different flavor profiles typically associated with specific sparkling wine styles. Oh and tasting a bunch of sparkling wines!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Dear Friends and Family!

We are so excited for 2018! 2017 was such an exciting year for us,first off, we started to share our wines with the you! It was such a great experience hearing what everyone thought of our 2014 Whitewater and 2015 Runoff Rosé and what foods to try it with, and even why some of the bottles were opened to celebrate. Now that we've had two releases, and learned a lot at both of them, there are so many things we are already looking forward to in 2018...

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3100 Returns to Where It All Started

3100 Cellars returned to where it all started: Boundary Creek on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, where Hailey and Marshall met.

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2014 Whitewater

We are so excited to (finally) share our 2014 Whitewater with you. It's been almost 3 years in the making, and it is completely worth it. On July 24th we hosted a little get together to share the wine and spend some time with you, the people that have supported us to this point.

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"Where The Wine Is" Podcast Interviews Hailey

Hailey recently had the opportunity to sit down with Michelle Leonardson and her podcast "Where The Wine Is" on two different occasions. The first discussion detailed getting started in the industry while the second focused on 3100 Cellars and the Idaho Wine industry. Both of these podcasts are available for streaming here: Episode 12 3100 Cellars and Idaho Wines, Episode 7 Career in Wine

3100 Mentioned In Food & Wine Gazette

Wow! We're so excited to be mentioned in such good company. We have not released any wine yet, but we are hoping to disgorge and release in the next few months... keep visiting our website for up to date details!

Up & Coming Wines in Idaho

What a great blurb about 3100 Cellars from Mike Dunne at the The Sacramento Bee. We were lucky enough to meet him when he was up in Idaho this fall, and are excited to share some of our wines with him the next time he comes up!

3100 Cellars featured on Great Northwest Wine

Can’t wait to share our wines with everyone, especially the hardcore supporters like Eric Degerman who has been interested and sharing our story since day one.