Reframing The Importance of Now

Every couple of weeks Hailey and I receive a cut out of some article typically from the Wall Street Journal and typically from Hailey's father Lee. The articles vary from what it is to be a parent, the drone industry, leadership, sports and most importantly wine. This particular piece written by Alexandra Kleeman struck home in a number of ways for me. From the way Sparkling wine and Champagne in particular have been marketed in a way which subconsciously we have to justify opening a bottle for some pre-defined special occasion. The internal battle between husband and wife in which the reckless husband can always find an excuse to open a bottle whereas the wife is insistent that this occasion should be scheduled out and planned for. The article climaxes to a story about the authors parents bringing over a 30 year old bottle of wine for her 30th'll have to click on the hyperlink link above so I don't ruin the story. From it though we can never forget the importance of now and how precious every moment really is!

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