Oraganoleptic is a word we heard a lot at the 2018 Sparkling Symposium. The event was hosted at the Northwest Wine Studies Center in Salem, OR, where we spent a day learning from a slew of speakers and panels about how to make better sparkling wine. As that word, oraganoleptic, kept being thrown around by speakers and panels, we were in the back googling away (thank goodness for smart phones). It's really a cool word, so let us explain it a little:

Organoleptic - involving use of the sense organs; being, affecting, or relating to qualities of a substance that stimulate the sense organs, i.e. taste, smell, color, feel.

The way the speakers were using the word, we also understand organoleptic to be a non-exact way to measure certain things, especially that pertain to an individuals experience and explanation about a sensory experience.

Try to use it in conversation this week, organoleptic!

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