Happy New Year

Happy New Year Dear Friends and Family!

We are so excited for 2018! 2017 was such an exciting year for us,first off, we started to share our wines with the you! It was such a great experience hearing what everyone thought of our 2014 Whitewater and 2015 Runoff Rosé and what foods to try it with, and even why some of the bottles were opened to celebrate. Now that we've had two releases, and learned a lot at both of them, there are so many things we are already looking forward to in 2018:

  • making more wine
  • releasing a few wines (more on that below)
  • sharing wines with you at release parties and other gatherings
  • having a baby!

There are also a few goals we have this year, we sometimes feel like guarding our goals so that no one knows if we fail at them. This year, we're trying to share our goals, far and wide, to keep ourselves more accountable and to maybe get some unlikely help from people that might have ideas on how we can reach them. At 3100 this year, we are working towards:

  • surviving the first few months of parenthood and enjoying as much of it as we can (any and all suggestions on how to get some sleep are welcome)
  • sharing a new wine club level with everyone - after spring release we will have more wines to share, and so we are going to add a club membership level! Current wine club members will have first access to this new level of membership and get all the details, but continue checking back to the website in case we don't have your email address!
  • making more wine than in 2017 - the past vintage was a little light because of winter damage, so we're hoping to ramp our fruit volumes back up this fall. We won't be getting any fruit from Finca Besada (the vineyard Hailey's parents just planted) quite yet, but maybe 2019?!
  • release new wines! - For the spring; we are actually hoping to make two different finished wines when we disgorge our 2015 Bitner Chardonnay, the Whitewater and another wine, similar but maybe with a little more sugar added at the final dosage... not sure if we'll call it Whitewater Brut (or whatever sugar level it ends up being) or something else. We're open to some river themed names. For the fall; the plan is to release 2016 Runoff Rosé, but we have to see what the wine is doing in the next few months before we decide it's time to start the riddling and disgorging processes.
  • host a vineyard dinner or winemaker dinner - we know people like to try wines at different stages in aging and development, and what better way to do that than with food?! We'll keep the website updated but the best way to find out about our events is through our email list, so join it!

If you think we should be focused on something in the next year that is going to help us share our passion for bubbles and Idaho rivers, please let us know! We can't wait to hear from you, and hopefully you'll share some of your hopes and goals for the new year too, and we can help you reach them, or at least celebrate the little victories towards them with some bubbles.

-Hailey and Marshall

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