Forbes - Idaho's Potatoes Making Way for Grapes

Ronald Holden recently visited Idaho and tasted some of our outstanding wines as well as got to attend the grand opening of Sawtooth Winery's new tasting room. He must have enjoyed the sunny (and snowy) weather and really had fun getting to know some of the people in our industry. His article reads a little like a who's who in the industry, especially for all of the fabulous women who are driving so much in the Idaho wine industry. We hope he comes back to visit again soon, and maybe even stops in to try some of our bubbles when he does!

"Let's name some famous state crops, shall we? Oranges from Florida, apples from Washington, corn from Kansas, lobsters from Maine, cattle from Texas, potatoes from Idaho... But grapes from Idaho? Famous potatoes, you bet... Yes, but grapes? Well, not today, and probably not tomorrow, but someday soon, experts say, Idaho grapes will be as famous as California's..."

To read the full article head here.

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