2014 Whitewater

We are so excited to (finally) share our 2014 Whitewater with you. It's been almost 3 years in the making, and it is completely worth it.

On July 24th we hosted a little get together to share the wine and spend some time with you, the people that have supported us to this point. We know we're more than a year overdue in sharing our wines, because we said we would only be aging our Chardonnays for 18 months, and our rosé for 6 months; but the wine does what it does and we listen and try to make the best decisions to be able to share it with you in its prime. If you weren't able to come to the party and taste the wine or enjoy the amazing company that converged, we would be happy to share some wine with you by appointment (if we still have some left!).

There was an amazing cheese and charcuterie display to nosh on, beautiful weather, a lovely setting to enjoy the wine, and - as I've already mentioned - lovely company and conversation from all the people who were able to join in. The "structure" of the event was very relaxed and worked well; so we plan on keeping a low key, come after work, enjoy some small bites, and grab your wine if you're in the wine club style.

Our 2015 Runoff Rosé will be the next wine we release. Our plan is to release it in November. That is two releases in the second half of 2017, but we're hoping to move to a spring release and a fall release moving forward. As soon as we have a date for our fall release (2015 Runoff Rosé) we will send out a save-the-date and if you haven't gotten any 2014 Whitewater yet, do so soon! We are moving through it fast, and don't have much left.

Here's to you and yours, and all the adventures you toast to making in the future and toast to remember. We hope we get the chance to hear about some of them, whether they have happened on the river or not. An adventure is an adventure, after all.

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